I designed as a proposed phone unit for Clorox and their Bleachable Moments campaign. The client wanted an interactive experience that encourages cleaning with Clorox. After researching Clorox’s digital presence, I designed an ad reflecting an existing game that launders shirts using Clorox bleach.

This proposed smartphone takeover encourages the user to #BeachThisMoment.
The ad prompts the user to “shake“ their phone, mimicking the act of a wash cycle.

After the user shakes their phone and the event was detected, a washing animation would then run until the end of the ad. Since the ad would need to run on a smartphone, I discussed my ideas with my team’s developer to confirm that there were JavaScript plugins to make this possible. Still, a backup option would be created. The ad could alternatively listen for a tap event to run the animation (the creative would also have related “tap” messaging).

The proposed animation could also be utilized in social media as a Instagram sponsored ad or on Pinterest as a Cinematic Pin.


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