Costco Home Savings

Main hero image of Costco’s Home Savings Email featuring promotions on living room, dining, and bedroom sets.

I put together an email highlighting various promotions for home items. The hero image features multiple furniture sets, with the bedroom set clipped out and blown up to extend past the edge and providing a sense of visual hierarchy when there would otherwise be three similar looking images.

Costco Home Savings Email hero featuring promotional information

The mobile version of the same hero is shorter and more contained within the space, fitting comfortably on a phone.

Merchandising provided an assortment of items in order of priority, so I can lay out the email with proper visual hierarchy. In this case, some product images did not have a lifestyle photo. I mocked up room scenes for items that would otherwise be on a white background, giving all the spots a cohesive look and emphasizing the overall feeling of being at home.

Email promotions from various related departments.

This email included other promotions outside of furniture savings. In order to convey multiple messages without confusing the member, I focused on keeping consistent styles and color tons across the remaining email banners.

Full Costco Home Savings Email


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